Crystal Rose Smith Photography: Blog en-us (C) Crystal Rose Smith Photography (Crystal Rose Smith Photography) Thu, 26 Sep 2013 19:54:00 GMT Thu, 26 Sep 2013 19:54:00 GMT Crystal Rose Smith Photography: Blog 120 80 let's see your muscles amazing location. amazing bodysuit. amazing light. overall... AMAZING.

*tomorrow is my birthday guysssss :)

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kahyee i don't have any clever or creative title for this set, because it consists of two wildly different looks. but that is what we wanted to do. kahyee wanted some fun, happy, cheerful photos in golden grass, but we also wanted to shoot at the skatepark. so we did both! brilliant. and we had a blast. i knew it was going to be a great shoot, and i am actually really proud of the photos. which usually only happens when my model brings as much energy as i do. these are the type of shoots that get my blood pumpin' and i live for that feeling.

*sorry for the poor quality on some of the photos... seems i will have to size them differently so they look a little better on here. gotta love technology ;)


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sasha + danny married! and here is the other beautiful wedding i was apart of this summer.

i feel even more lucky because i used to work with the couple. i feel like i have known them since the beginning... six years ago was it? crazy.

and thank you to leighanne deeney for being my wingman. again. :)


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lindsay in the backyard vintage dresses. natural hair. broken fences. old clothesline. a friends backyard. right before a thunderstorm.


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runaway i can't even begin to describe how much fun this shoot was.

brin merkley is awesome. and she is running for miss montana... SO COOL!


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taylor + bryce married! feast your eyeballs on one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever seen. not only the venue, and the decorations, but the people and the love.


it's in these moments, where i feel sooo lucky to be doing what i am doing. who could ask for a better job?? seriously.

and thank you to leighanne deeney for second shooting with me.


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tye dyed heart (part ii)  

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nylon and jewels (part i) this shoot turned out better than i could have ever imagined.

i had been talking to the model, manda lee hesterly, about doing a shoot since around january. the few weeks prior to the shoot were full of tons of ideas being thrown back and forth, and me buying the tiger swim from blackmilk clothing because... well, just look at it. i had been wanting it for about a year and decided it was time to just buy it. and i think it made the shoot what it is.

manda lee hesterly is genius. she is very talented at what she does, and i was so happy to have the opportunity to work with her. i don't think the shoot would have worked with any other model honestly. she saw my vision and brought it to life. not only that, but she matched my vision. it was great planning with somebody who was equally as involved in what i was doing.

i could probably go on about this shoot for days, but i am sure my rambling is boring you and you just wanna see the photos. well i just want to show them to you! i hope you enjoy them. :) because this is probably my favorite shoot to date. it's not often that i am proud of my work and wanting to show it off to the world, but i am completely satisfied with these photos, and i am happy to share them.

this is the stuff i want to do for the rest of my life.

(stay tuned for part ii)



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Kodey visited florida for spring break again and had an amazing opportunity to work with a model there.

it was fun to work in a different environment. and one where things were green and the weather was warm.

now i am even more anxious for springtime... the flowers blooming, green grass, warmer days and shooting at sunset again.

i am also in the process of scheduling MANY awesome photo shoots. and i can't wait. i want to shoot as much as i can before i move.


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too cool for school my friend koko is lovely and a pretty good model. for real.

i want to do more shoots like this.


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Brooke just a few shots from my photoshoot with the lovely brooke.

we had so much fun and instantly connected. i can't wait to work with her again!

not much to say other than i want the cold weather and snow to be gone now. spring where you at??

i need to shoot more.


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Dayna last minute shoot. for reals though.

it was such a beautiful day, and i had been stir crazy with the lack of photoshoots due to the weather.

so i asked a few people, and then dayna said yes!

i love this girl so much, she is a natural beauty and has GREAT hair. we spent the afternoon laughing like usual, and enjoying the sunshine. we also got to see a fox and it was so cute and we were so excited! then we went back to her house and i got to meet her newest pet, a turtle that is slightly larger than a quarter.

anywayssss... enjoy friends! i can't wait for summer.


^^the image above may be my favorite photo to date. i literally screamed when i looked at in on camera right after i shot it.

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Courtney such a fun day. exploring the mountains and an abandoned area that is one of my favorite locations.

this was my second time working with the beautiful courtney, and it definitely won't be my last.

we already have TWO other shoots in the works! :)

i love working with courtney, she is such a great girl and i love her style and confidence. also... purple/pink hair?! how legit!


also - this shoot was kind of a turning point for me...

it really showed me how much i love working with a model and creating. creating a story or a theme, and bringing it to life.

i know i haven't really had a lot of opportunities to do fashion related shoots, but i would really love to get more into fashion/editorial.

we will see what happens after photography school. who knows where the road will take me! but i will follow my heart and go wherever it takes me.


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2012 2012 was a really big year for me, and not only with photography...

i photographed my first official wedding! (and learned A TON from it)

i got a new camera.

i got this website, which in the six months i have had it, it's had over one thousand visitors. so insane.

i photographed 17 seniors, when in 2011 i photographed 3.

i turned 21. WOOT. also really weird. where has the time gone?

had my photos featured in two shows, and currently have some in one until the end of january.

became good friends with my clients. they aren't just clients, they are my friends. i feel what they feel and care for them in a special way. (seriously though - i was almost in tears when one of my brides for this year sent me a picture of her in her gorgeous wedding dress! gah! just talking about it makes me smile all big and dorky)

realized that i shouldn't undervalue myself (i think many photographers/artists struggle with this as well) and that what i offer is special, so i shouldn't be afraid to charge for my specialness.

started shooting in manual and learning all kinds of tricks of the trade ;)

got a lens i had been only dreaming about, never thought it would be mine. at least not for a while.

graduated with an associates in graphic design from aims.

went on many adventures... florida, new mexico, the mountains. some even in my own backyard.

discovered many talented photographers who inspire me every day, and push me to be better.

i also feel as if i really developed my style, or at least it's definitely going in the direction that i want it to now. i'm also more confident in myself and my images, and what i want to get out of my clients in the images. it's been a year of growth for me, and that makes me even more excited for what 2013 will have to offer for me.

looking back through the images not only made me miss the days of warmth even more, when the sunshine kissed my skin and i didn't have to wear a million layers, but it brought back memories from all the different shoots. it reminded me of all the amazing people i met last year and had the opportunity to capture special moments for. so if we had the pleasure of working together last year, thank you. it meant more to me that you know, and i really enjoyed our time together and hope to have the honor of working with you again.

i hope i didn't bore you all with my words, i normally like to let my photos do the talking. but this reflection was nice. and now that you have more of a background about me and my life, enjoy the following collection of images from 2012. and happy new year, i hope it's a good one for everyone!


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Mariah I don't know what to say about this shoot, other than it was SO WINDY and cold. But, she didn't care and she even took her jacket off for some photos. I wouldn't be able to do that. I was cold and I had so many layers on. Then again, I'm a wimp soo...

Mariah shared the location with me, and we drove around for a while before we found it. I really enjoyed it though, and I bet it is very lovely when everything isn't dead. I liked the colors I got from the overcast day, and I adore all the freckles this pretty girl has. She was so much fun to be around and a pleasure to photograph as well. :)

I love my job.


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Michelle & Katy YAY FRIDAY!

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting two beautiful girls along side one of my dearest friends, Nicolette (who was actually the star of the last photos I posted). We planned the photoshoot, decided on location, picked out outfits and helped decide what look we wanted the models to have. It was a blast!

The first girl you see is Katy. She has modeled before and I could totally tell.

The second girl (with purple in her hair) is Michelle. She hasn't modeled before but I couldn't tell.

They both did awesome!

Katy also did the makeup for both herself and Michelle. She rocks. Seriously.

This was one of my favorite shoots to date, I reckon, and I hope you enjoy the images as well.

Be sure to check out Nicolette Bardos Photography too :)

Then the sun decided to show up for the last ten minutes of our shoot, and it was GLORIOUS.

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Nicolette I hope you all had a pleasant turkey day! Spending it with those who are dear to you, and keeping in mind the people who are so special but unable to be with you this holiday season. I also hope you all had a lovely meal and stuffed your faces until you felt miserable, but so thankful.

Now... Nicolette is a beautiful girl, inside and out. I am so thankful for her and all our crazy adventures together. :) We have been best friends for about six years, and I can't wait to see the adventures we have that are coming our way!

We had some fun last week and modeled for each other, and she always says how she does so terribly, but I think differently.

As soon as I post this, I will be heading to Greeley to then leave for Breckenridge with this girl actually, and our boyfrands. Should be exciting! Especially since three of us take pictures ;) I will probably blog about it, so don't worry, you will get to see how much fun we had and why I love Colorado so much.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Dreams Inspired by the amazing and talented Anastasia Volkova. Be sure to check out her work and give her some love.

I had so much fun with this shoot, and I am so thankful for my awesome boyfriend who helped me with everything on this shoot. He is the best. And I am also thankful for one of my favorite models, Julia. She is a great model, and also a great friend. I love having her in my life :)

Also, thoughts and comments are always appreciated! Thanks.


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Eric Happy November everyone! Can you believe 2012 is almost over?

This is my darling little brother. I can't believe he is seventeen and going to graduate in may! It kind of freaks me out.

He used to be so baby... and now he is so tall and honestly, I feel like the little sibling sometimes (only because I'm significantly shorter than he). But he has big plans, and I wish him nothing but the best for his future. He loves basketball, like I love photography. So... it's pretty serious. I know he can go far :)

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people going after their dreams.

We have been through so much, and have grown very close within the past few years. I don't know what I will do when he goes away to college and I move away as well. I guess a lot of phone calls!

So congrats little bro. I love you.

I can't wait to see how brightly you shine.


I was hesitant to take some in the gym, but he really wanted some in his uniform and whatnot. Soo I decided to just go for it! And despite the bad lighting, weird reflective coloring and almost all white gym, I actually like the pictures. They had me go outside my comfort zone and definitely challenged me. A challenge is nice :)

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